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Dividend investing related blogs I follow and read which I believe it is helpful for my reader to follow as well.


Top 10 Dividend Blogs

#1 The Dividend Guy Blog

Surprise surprise! This Dividend blog is actually one of my website properties. I bought The Dividend Guy Blog back in 2010. I use it as my personal dividend blog as I show my dividend holding as long as my dividend stock analysis.

#2 Dividend Growth Investor

This is one of the top dividend blog over the web. DGI has been around since 2008. Founder of the Div-Net and proud member of Seeking Alpha, DGI provides high quality dividend stock analysis.

#3 Dividends Value

Another pillar of dividend blogs. Dividends Value writes regularly on Seeking Alpha and also offer a very interesting dividend newsletter. You can find several “dividend list” articles on several topics.

#4 Passive Income Earner

Passive Income Earner is another great Canadian Dividend Blog. He follows closely Canadian dividends along with providing his analysis. You can also find the most recent dividend increase on several stocks he follows.

#5 Dividend Monk

Dividend investing requires time and patience… just as being a monk! This relatively new dividend blog (2010) is already part of my favourite reading.

#6 Living Off Dividend

One of the oldest dividend blog of this top 10 list! Living Off Dividend was created in 2005! You can follow him through his passive investing journey. Looking through his archive will keep you busy for a few days.

#7 Barel Karsan

Another member of the Div-Net. Barel follows several dividend stocks as well as discussing several investing topics. This is a great place to get stock picking ideas. He also reviews several investing books. Worth a read!

#8 The Dividend Pig

With a name like this, you need to take a look at The Dividend Pig! He is a young and dynamic investor looking to increase his passive income. Follow his investing journey through his dividend investing moves mixed with some low cost ETFs.

#9 Dividend Ninja

Another name catching blog. The Dividend Ninja is looking to build a portfolio based on passive indexes and passive dividend stocks. His favourite stocks? Blue Chip dividend payers! Reading the Ninja investing philosophy and lessons learned is enough to convince you to add it to your weekly read!


The last but not the least of this top 10 dividend blog lists, Buy Like Buffet is written by Mark Riddix since 2008. This site is written by a true investment professional as Mark run his own independent investment firm. Get his insights on dividend investing as long as many other topics.

Top websites to research stocks and look for ideas

1. Dividend Stocks Rock

2. Morningstar

3. MSN Money

4. Yahoo! Finance

5. Motley Fool Discussion Boards

6. Dividend Achievers

7. Dividend Aristocrats

8. DRIP Investing

9. Dividend Growth

10. Financial Webring Forum

11. WikInvest

12. StockPickr

13. Big Charts

14. Marketwatch

15. Reuters

16. Zack’s Investment Research

17. Gummy Stuff – all sorts of cool analysis

18. RiskGrades

19. ValuePro

20. Yahoo! Industry Center

21. Seeking Alpha

22. GuruFocus

23. CNN Money

24. Kiplinger

25. The Street

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