Top 10 Best Free Domain Parking Companies

Another year has welcomed us to explore the unlimited opportunities of earning income online and tackle the challenges that come with it. For a domainer, how do you earn money from your portfolio of undeveloped domains?

Before i go in any details i would like to give you some tools I use for my domain managements, research, backlinks, traffic analysis … etc.

To Check the history of the domain:

To Check domain backlinks:
2. Google Backlinks
3. Yahoo Backlinks
5. AHrefs.com
6. (Enjoy this one. It’s the search engine for backlinks)
10. BackLinkWatch
11. Analyze Backlinks

Domain Lookup
2. – (good site)
6. – (this covers a majority of the above & more)

Blacklisted Domains
Common Terms for Blacklisted:
1. Faillisted
2. Blacklisted
3. Fail
5. Domain Here)

Blacklisted  Classification:
Primary = Google
Secondary = All others but Google (Faillisted,blacklisted, etc from google)

My Winning Money Making Strategy
#1. Pick 51% winners
#2. Make sure to keep your costs low and make more then your spending.

If you have some good generic and keyword domain names that naturally attract traffic and you’d like to profit from them, then consider parking the domain with a domain parking company. Some common questions domainers ask when considering parking undeveloped domain names for monetization are:

  • Can I make money with parked domains?
  • What are the best domain parking companies?
  • Can I park my domain for free?

In this hub, I have put together some basic information and links to the top 10 best free domain parking companies. I hope you find the information useful.

Parked Domain Income

Yes, you can make money with a parked domain. In a nutshell, how much you can earn from domain parking depends on the total number of domains you have, the quality of the domains, how well the domains are optimized for search engines and the amount of traffic that it attracts. If you get this correct at the beginning, you can make money from parked domains.

Park Domain Free

Most domain parking sites provide the service free of charge, but you share your parking revenue with them. To park a domain, sign up with your preferred domain parking company, follow the instructions on their site to list your domains. Then head over to the company where you registered the domain name and change the DNS of your domain from your domain name registrar to the domain parking company.

Own A Domain Parking Script

If you want to keep 100% of parking revenue and have the flexibility to do many other things with your domain, then its better to own a domain parking software. Domain parking companies use parking scripts to park and monetize your domains. They control your income. The beauty of owning your own DOMAIN PARKING SCRIPT is that it empowers you to quickly develop and monetize unlimited domains. You deal directly with Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Neverblue, CPALead, MaxBounty and many other advertising network. You get paid directly. Cut out the middleman and prevent domain parking companies from stealing your money.

 Top 10 Best Domain Parking Sites

There are many domain parking providers. Check them out and chose one that best meets your requirements.

Bodis is domain parking system that enables you to make money from undeveloped domains. It boasts of higher revenue percentage than any other domain parking companies. An outstanding feature of Bodis is that it provides fully multilingual parked domains templates where keywords and advertisements are rendered in 20 different languages.

Bodis is very easy to sign up and they do not have tough approval process. If you have 5 Domains also you can apply for Bodis account and start Parking within few minutes as approval process is instant. Bodis is good for international Traffic with a Low CTR rate compare to Others parking company but High CPC for International Traffic compensate for Low CTR. Bodis Pay Nett 7 Days, Which means what ever you earned for the particular month will be paid by 7th of the next month. They Do not have any Minimum Payment Threshold which means if you have earned 1$ also you get paid for that payment cycle. They Pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods.

Top Domain Parking Companies

DomainSponsor have a tough approval process, apply if you have good number of Quality Domain Names ( Say 30-50 ). Quality of Domain Names matters over number of Domain Names. It is good to have a portfolio of few good quality Domain Names than having a portfolio of large number of Domain Names of poor quality. Having good quality Domain Names will always help in quick approval from parking company which have a tough approval process like DomainSponsor. After approval you can start parking with DomainSponsor by changing your Domain Names name servers. DomainSponsor monitor your account traffic for at least two to three months before changing your account payment status to Pay, which means your traffic is of good quality and whatever you have earned during this first two to three months will be paid. After this payment cycle, you will be paid Nett 7 days which means whatever you earned in a month will be paid by 7th of the next month. DomainSponsor Pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods. DomainSponsor have minimum Payout Threshold of 50 US $

Domain Sponsor is the traffic monetization technology pioneers since 2002. With over 10 years of experience in monetizing domains, they can help you monetize your domains.

Top Domain Parking Companies

Not getting quality service from domain parking service providers themselves, the founders (who are domainers themselves) of Parking Crew established this platform to best serve the interest of professional domainers. You can get the best monetization for your domains.

ParkingCrew is a good alternative if Bodis and Voodoo is not working as expected for you. They have a approval process for getting a account setup with them. If you have good domains then getting approval is easy. In My Opinion Approval process is not tougher and you can get approved easily if you have Good Names. They Pay Nett 15 days which means Earning for October Months is paid by 15th of November.

ParkingCrew have minimum Payout Threshold of 20 US $

Top Domain Parking Companies

Rook Media is one domain parking service provider with many years of industry experience that is worth considering. For accounts optimized by, Rook Media is the number one parking provider by revenue in 2012.

RookMedia have a approval process which is not tough if you have good quality Domain Names. RookMedia have minimum Payout Threshold of 50 US $ and they Pay Nett 30 Days


Top Domain Parking Companies RookMedia.Net

Voodoo is good parking alternative if you do not want to try Bodis. Voodoo have a minimum criteria of 10 Domains for applying with them for a account.Based on your Domain Names your account may get approved or rejected. Generally Voodoo approval process is not tough and If you have Good Names then you will get approved easily. Voodoo have a higher CTR compare to Bodis and they Pay higher for US Traffic. Voodoo have a minimum payment threshold of 20 US $ and they Pay Nett 30 Days Which means what ever you earned for the particular month will be paid by 30th of the next month. They Pay by PayPal, Wire and other Methods.

Smart Name is one of the best domain parking companies that monetizes domains. You will everything you need to earn you more, including many customizable templates, real time traffic data and if you are selling the domains, you can have a “For Sale” sign on the landing page. From owners of 700,000 plus domain names themselves, Smart Name offers a wide variety of tools and services to help you monetize a parked domain.

ParkLogic is a domain asset management company established to provide professional domain owners advanced domain management and optimization platform for their very important assets, domain names.

Domain Apps is a refreshing easy way to customize your domains to maximize your revenue. Whether you want to develop your domain into a site or monetize it through parking, Domain Apps’ simple interface will help you get the most out of your domains.

Traffic Z is a pioneer in the domain monetization industry. The company offers domain owners cutting-edge technology and customer support to manage, analyse and maximize return on domain investments with little effort. Not to be overlooked.

Dopa is a domain parking company founded in 2005 dedicated to global domain monetization. Dopa monetizes 5 million domain names for it publisher partners and has more than 100 million unique visitors per month.

Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic is a domain parking company where high quality publishers from all countries and languages can park and monetize their domains. A domainer himself and who has the largest domain portfolio on the web, Internet Traffic is there to help you make money from your domains.

Park Domains Yourself and Keep 100% of the Revenue

I used to park my undeveloped domains with domain parking companies. After two years of disappointment from not making money, I searched for an alternative. I wanted an option where I could have more control over the types of advertisements I place on my domains. Instead of having automatic static pages, I also wanted to add content to make my sites more search-engine friendly. I also got fed up of sharing 40% of my revenue with the domain parking companies.

I realized that the important thing that domain parking companies had which I didn’t was domain parking script. Little did I know that the parking companies were using domain parking software to control my domains, reject traffic and steal part of my income. Cash Parking at GoDaddy cost me over $100 a year, and they also took part of the revenue.

That was when I made up my mind to DIM (Do-It-Myself). I understood that my answer was to have a domain parking script and park the domains myself.

I am so grateful I found a little secret that is now enabling me to get more traffic for my parked domains and most importantly, keep 100% of the revenue.

This is the secret:

D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script

D-Park Pro is a professional domain parking program that has been around for 10+ years. D-Park Pro can turn your domains into parked websites with as many pages as your like, and lets you keep 100% of the money you make from ads.

You deal directly with Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon Associates, Click Bank, Commission Junction, and any other advertising network and get paid directly. There is no middleman (domain parking company) for you to split the revenue with.

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