The future of Dropshipping is here (Oberlo + Shopify = Succcess)

Working from home, making money online and reaching out to your financial freedom is closer than you think if you know how to achieve it and have tools to enable it.  The formula is not secret and it is not a hype.

If you want to make money online you need to sell either physical products or services.  You will need to have a powerful ecommerce platform and you need to have necessary tools to make this a success and this is within your reach now, thanks to Oberlo which I will talk about it below.  Dropshipping is one of the best way to sell online.

Dropshipping enables eCommerce stores to meet inventory needs without managing endless warehouses of inventory, thereby reducing storage and inventory carrying costs, as well of the risk of carrying inventory that may not sell. Dropshipping can lead to increased customer satisfaction because shoppers are more likely to find what they’re looking for in stock (due to the increased inventory)

This post is not about e-commerce platform review but it is about one of most powerful tool that can make your dropshipping business a breeze.
However, there are four major challenges that retailers need to address in order for a dropshipping operation to operate smoothly and deliver the expected benefits.

  1. The Supplier Challenge: You must establish a reliable network of suppliers that represent the brand at the same high standards as the brand itself.
  2. Supplier Transparency and Compliance: You need to make sure that your supplier meets transparency and compliance rules.
  3. Managing the Numbers: Though the availability of your inventory grows with dropshipping, the management of the available inventory becomes more complex. Supplier A may run out, but supplier B may have excess inventory.
  4. Order processing and tracking information also need to be available at a moment’s notice.

These details are far too cumbersome to handle manually. You need to make sure that you have the technology and tools with the speed and scalability to automate order processing, exception handling, shipping, invoicing, and inventory between your shop and your dropship suppliers, otherwise the growth of the business will be severely limited.

By getting ahead of these dropshipping challenges, you can help ensure that your dropshipping supply tools will provide your business with the benefits you expect, and meet your brand’s high standards as well.

If drop shipping is to be successful for  your store, there must be an easy, automated way to keep up to date on product descriptions and images.

There is one dropshipping app that exceeds the competitors is called Oberlo.  It is user friendly, handles orders and products much better.

With Oberlo you can import hundreds of products to your store in minutes.  Importing products from AliExpress [DOT] com directly into your store is very easy; You can have your orders shipped directly to your customers in just a few clicks; Oberlo lets you know that your inventory and prices are always up to date.

Oberlo ease of use Features:

  • Product Customization
  • Pricing Automations
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Multiple User Accounts
  • Track Your Sales
  • Filter Products with ePacket
  • Create Product Wish Lists
  • Connect Existing Products
  • Change Product Suppliers

My Wishlist for Oberlo (Feel free to add yours in the comment section of this post):

  1. Add more eCommerce platforms
  2. More capabilities on shipping carriers and tracking
  3. Better dashboard
  4. Extension for more browsers (Firefox and Safari)
  5. Mobile Capabilities
  6. Adding more marketplaces to get products
  7. Adding marketplaces to sell (such as eBay, amazon … etc)
  8. Customer returns, and claims
  9. Better Product pages

You can take advantage of 30 day Free trial and see for your self and decide if Oberlo is right for you or not. Sign up here

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