Pixel Studio FX Review – Worth your Money or Not?

Pixel Studio FX Review – Overview
Do you know how critical your book or product cover is to your sales? Countless studies have shown that people always prefer to buy (and spend more) on well packaged products. You’ve come so far, so why fall at the last hurdle? Get a massive shortcut to KILLER eCovers in minutes… 

Vendor: Adeel Chowdhry
Product: Pixel Studio FX
Launch Date: 2015-09-21
Launch Time: 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47

Pixel Studio FX Review

Pixel Studio FX Review

Do you want to construct a successful online business with assertiveness, down to every detail? More than likely you said yes and if you did, there is only one way to do it these days, Pixel Studio FX. The innovative minds within the IM industry, Ali/Adeel Chowdhry and Jimmy Kim, have designed the perfect tool which enables a person to save time and their finances. You will be able to create the perfect graphic design, ebook covers and outsourcers with absolute efficiency, utter quality on the cheap, there is nothing better out there.

The type of performance and features that you will be provided with will make Pixel Studio FX your go-to software and when you see the final result, you will be amazed at what a small investment can do. How easy it is to use is astounding and it has quickly grown in favor in of just about every person who works in graphic design.

PIXEL STUDIO FX is a drag and drop, easy to use, state-of-the art graphic design tool that creates beautiful, unique and professional e-covers for your digital products in minutes. With 20,000+ ready made eCover combinations, gone are the days of spending weeks and a fortune to have covers created.
Forget Photoshop or action script covers. This is the next generation of cover design for all your projects. If you need a report cover, book cover, software box, Kindle cover or bundle shots… Pixel Studio FX is the ultimate solution for all your needs.

Pixel Studio FX eliminates costly software, add-ons, action scripts, rip off graphic designers and the inevitable hassle of sourcing top quality designs and buying overpriced stock to design half-decent covers. With Pixel Studio FX all your cover design needs are materialized in an easy to use web-based platform, and is light years AHEAD OF ANY OTHER COVER CREATION SOFTWARE.

PLUS, you can generate money by designing covers for your clients and automatically search our jobs using the Cash Palette software which is now included!
A tool that doesn’t cost a fortune and try to blow you away with endless features you’ll never use.

Get your stopwatch ready! You’re about to see a real life pressure test where complete design novices will attempt to create stunning eCovers in under 2 minutes, WITHOUT any pro design tools or outside help. Can they do it? Find out here…

A tool that does one job – create awesome eCovers – and does it better, faster and cheaper than doing it yourself or outsourcing to others.
Until now, there have been a handful of half decent eCover designers on the market. They seem to come and go, and the ones that still exist always seem to create sub-par, outdated designs that look like they’ve traveled in time from the 90’s.

What’s really been missing, is a dedicated eCover design tool that actually creates designs you’d be proud to put your name on, and actually put on the “shelf” for sale.
And that’s why a brand new tool called Pixel Studio FX caught my eye, and lured me in for a closer look.
Pixel Studio FX is a dedicated eCover design tool that allows you to design pretty much any type of product package at the push of a button, completely customizable to give you a fresh, unique design.

After 12 months and close to $75,000 in development, Pixel Studio is set to offer incredible value to the marketplace.

Affordable and High-Quality

Why spend a ton of money on graphic design, by either hiring a professional or by wasting cash on expensive software that never adds up to anything. You won’t ever need to spend your hard-earned cash on that poorly made software, action scripts, add-ons, ultimately giving in to professional graphic designers who give you a bad product at an unsavory price.

It really is amazing how user-friendly Pixel is, all you do is simply log-in and you will have the option of great categories to select from, from the cover of your work, all the way to it’s end. You will never find yourself displeased from the categories you will get to work with. Right now, many people believe that there is no way to improve upon the type of quality software that Pixel is providing and the likelihood of another program surpassing it is futile. For the other graphic design software companies out there, that is a bad thing but for us, that is a very good thing.


Fire your graphic designer! There’s a new Sherriff in town, and it’s cranking out delicious eCovers in minutes, not days, for a fraction of the price of a designer or fancy-pants graphic design tool. Bring your products into the 21st century with Pixel Studio FX

Genuine Functionality

All you really have to do is give your project a title, then you will add a background, clip art, text and then you are easily able to re position and size those components to the size you want. When you have finished, you will get to be able to review your work with ease and genuine functionality to see if that is the style you would like to go with.

The program will then transform from a 2D cover into a fully vibrant 3D cover, which one you would never expect from such a fantastic, affordable program. You will have the option of choosing either a nice reflective background or one that is shadowy but whatever one you choose, you can bet that it will accommodate the theme of your project. Users will also get to enjoy a properly incorporated social media tools, which is most certainly a unique feature which only Pixel Studio FX can do. What is cool about it is that you will be able to utilize this great software to run various ads or even create a teaser on Facebook if you just so happen to be looking to launch a particular product or even an upcoming book.

This is one of those MUST HAVE tools if you regularly create books or digital training products. It’s called Pixel Studio FX and I’m just loving the designs you can create with this! Take a look for yourself… 

HTML5/CSS3 + PC/MAC Compatible
Drag & Drop User Interface
Ease Of Use & Complete User Experience
Quality Of Unique Designs & Models
Cross-browser Compatibility

Built to Your Specifications

There are so many useful tools that will create work that will impress all who view it and they will think that right away that the piece is most certainly special. It will be a piece that is entirely you and built to your total specifications, nothing else on the market today can even come close to that type of quality. The user will always get what they want and always feel great about what they are doing. It’s a program that answers the call and gives what people are looking for.

Tired of outsourcing product covers? Sick of the usual junky PLR templates or cheap labour that spews out terrible designs? Then get yourself a copy of Pixel Studio FX. Create awesome eCover designs with real push button simplicity, and without blowing hundreds in the process! Check it out guys… 

Just imagine, you will never have to worry about being a highly technical person who knows their way around everything software. When you have finished a project and you look at how wonderful looking and detailed it is, you are going to be simply amazed by just how above par and professionally rendered it looks. Pixel Studio FX is considered the very best available and the graphic designer community cannot say enough about it. There truly isn’t a bad word that you can say about such an awesome program, it is top-of-the-notch with a doubt.

Hundreds of themes. So when you login (yes, Pixel Studio FX is cloud based, not clunky software you have to download and clog your hard drive) you’re presented with categories for your cover design on the left hand side. Immediately, you can see the quality design templates under each category and it looks promising, right?
Once you see a template you like, you click on it and choose a product style. There seems to be around 250 design templates over 20 categories, which is crazy. You can literally choose your exact product type, whether it’s a DVD, a report, or a video training package, there’s a 3D model for you in here.

Now it’s time to make it your own. First, you give the project a title, then you can literally add text, clip art, images, backgrounds and reposition and resize each element exactly how you want it.

Once you’re done, you simply preview your design, and it will show you what it will look like once you save it. Automatically, it turns your flat design into a 3d cover, based on the template you chose earlier. You can even choose to add a reflection or shadow too. And there’s also a social share option too, which would be great for running ads or doing a teaser prelaunch for your next book or product!

And that’s it.
Super simple, and far quicker than screwing around with overpriced design and photo editing tools.

What I like
• Zero technical hassles.
• Fast and simple.
• Stunning templates.
• Huge range of 3D cover models.
• Ability to save designs.
• Cloud based.

What I don’t like
I tried hard to think of something negative about it but I really can’t. Perhaps they can add another feature in here that will allow me to export all types of models with 1 click, which will be cool.

A quality product package can make or break your sales, and Pixel Studio FX gives everyone the chance to create quality designs, without the professional price tag.

If you want to bypass the hassle of hiring designers, and you can’t (or refuse to) buy high priced pro design tools that look like a pilot’s dashboard and take ages to master, then Pixel Studio FX is well worth checking out. A great way to save time and money, and create stunning covers at the same time, without compromise.

As I write this update, they also just added a further product to the frontend purchase and Pixel Studio FX now comes with “Cash Palette” included.

This includes a “Job Finder” software and training which shows you exactly how to make money online by providing design services to others.

The “Job Finder” software is a real time saver and automatically finds profitable design jobs online, which you can then fulfil using Pixel Studio FX. (You can find jobs that pay you up to $700 just for designing a cover!)

This product just got a whole lot better, and it’s really great value as you have the potential to make a few hundred dollars a day quite easily by fulfilling a few design jobs and the training is very easy to follow.

All in all, Pixel Studio FX is one of my favorite tools this year and I recommend you order your copy during their special launch promotion, as they’ll be increasing the price soon.


The newest in simple, professional-level e-cover design software.
All the dream features!
Templates, images, and artwork…
3-D product and bundle shots!
The Cash Palette project search engine.
Complete video training!
Turn key design business…
Mastermind webinars.
One-time investment

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