Domaining Best Practices

What is domain investing?

Domaining (domain investing) is the practice of buying and selling Online Domain
names. There are 2 main monetization methods that I use for domain names: buy a domain and
sell it for a higher price which called domain flipping, and buy a domain and generate income from it which is also called domain parking that will be discussed below

How to build your domain empire?

You can start building your empire buy buying a brand new domain or an expired one. Domain names ownership is similar to real estate investing. You buy real estate low and sell high by flipping or you keep it and renting out to make a passive income. Same goes for domains. You buy a domain preferably an expired one, to sell it higher or keep it (parking it) and monitize it with add to make residual income.

Steps to build your money making domain empire:

  1. Buy a good domain name. Preferably aftermarket (expired domains). They are move valuable. A better practice I do is backordering domain names with a Drop Catching service. The most popular are NameJet, SnapNames and Pool among many.The best tool I’ve used for finding expired domain names to buy is
    – Stick with .com domains.
    – Keep away from Hyphenated domains
    – Buy older domain names
    – Keyword dense domains sell better
    – Amount of search can indicate the domain’s popularity
    – Avoid letter and number combination in domains
    – If a keyword/phrase gets hundreds or thousands of searches per month on Google, it’s probably a good domain name to pick/buy.
    – 3 and 2 domains sell well.
    – Avoid trademarked domain names, typo (misspelled) domains and copyrighted terms completely. That’s cybersquatting territory..
    – Keep in mind the end users for the domain name when acquiring
  2. Spot good domain by doing following;
    – Do radio test, check trademark, research target audience
    – Check Google Index, page rank at CheckPagerank, domain history at &, do “Exact” Search on Google
    – Check CPC – Cost Per Click
  3. Park your domains for residual income with a reputable company.
  4. Educate yourself, follow domaining blogs
  5. Set a budget, use that budget as a base investment, use your profit to buy more to grow your business.

You are not going to find quality of domain names every day, so patience is key. Save your money for a domain name that matches all of your criteria.

Own A Domain Parking Script

If you want to keep 100% of parking revenue and have the flexibility to do many other things with your domain, then its better to own a domain parking software. Domain parking companies use parking scripts to park and monetize your domains. They control your income. The beauty of owning your own DOMAIN PARKING SCRIPT is that it empowers you to quickly develop and monetize unlimited domains. You deal directly with Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Neverblue, CPALead, MaxBounty and many other advertising network. You get paid directly. Cut out the middleman and prevent domain parking companies from stealing your money.

This is not a get rich quick overnight, it may not make you a millionaire, but surely it will as another stream of Set and forget type of passive residual income.

Please ask your question on the comment section of this post and i will do my best to answer it.

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