Dieting The Healthy Way Whilst Losing Weight

Have you been looking for a way to lose weight nutritionally? Maybe you have been following a weight loss program and have found that it is not working or maybe lacking in nutrition, even worse it does neither!

It is getting more difficult by the day to know what foods you can eat and what foods to stay away from. There are things that need to be taken into account such as whether it is advisable to eat carbohydrates or not. Is it better to avoid fats or only trans fats. Which vegetables should you add to your diet or maybe leave off your list? All of these should be factored into what you should or should not eat. Your safest bet is probably to go after the fat loss food pyramid. It really will answer every one of your questions that you have about eating healthy.

Fruits and vegetables are vital if you want to optimise your diet and weight loss program. If you have a sweet tooth, then fruits really are the way to go. Fruits contain natural sugars and vitamins that all help to make them better for you than today’s’ sweet junk foods. They have a healthy amount of calories and contain fibers that work with proteins helping to break them down so that your body benefits from them. Avocado is a fantastic fruit and is one of the best, if not the ‘Best’. Vegetables are also full of fiber, most contain fewer calories and sugars than fruit.

To help keep your metabolism at its peak and to help maintain your muscles such as your heart and lungs, you need to consume a fair amount of meat, poultry and fish. Ideally fish, chicken and turkey as they are lower in fat and calories yet have a high amount of proteins. Oily fish is a must as it has heaps of omega 3.

Your body requires carbohydrates although it’s best to go for grains such as wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta. They are excellent for providing you with heaps of energy that will help your energy levels stay high throughout the day. Only a portion though, as unused carbs can be turned into fat. Cutting carbs out of your diet is not advised as this can lead to quick weight gain if you start using them again.

Skimmed milk is a great source of calcium which your body requires to keep your bone healthy. Your body finds it hard to take in calcium so the best advice is to have a very small amount of milk balanced over the day.

Refraining from meals is not advised and could cause your body to go into survival mode. This will mean that your body will conserve its fat reserves. This results in you not being able to lose any weight. Your body needs the nutrients so do not miss meals. If you use the healthy foods mentioned you should be able to use them to create a healthy and nutritional weight loss program, without the need to starve yourself.

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