40+ Best PowerPoint Templates for Free

“Successful presentations are understandable, memorable, and emotional.

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To get ahead in your career or business, you’ll need excellent presentation skills. After all, it is through presentations that you communicate with your team, staff, business partners or customers. If you lack the skill in presenting your ideas to the audience that matters to you, then getting their attention, keeping them interested, and persuading them to act in your favor will all be such a long shot that you’ll likely never succeed at achieving your goals.

So what factors account for a great presentation? First, your PowerPoint deck must tell a story that resonates with your audience.2 The story must also be told visually since visual messages are more persuasive than purely verbal ones, according to a Wharton School of Business study.3While some prefer to learn from Powerpoint experts and make their own templates, many just want to get quick access to pre-made templates. To help you win with your PowerPoint skills, we’ve searched the web for killer PowerPoint templates that will make your job a lot easier. Here are 40+ visually engaging templates that will keep your audience mesmerized and eager to agree with your message. 

Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

PowerPoint template for global business

Going global? This template helps you communicate milestones across regions.

  1. Worldwide Business Presentation (blue)  |  The strongest businesses aim for global growth. Use this template to report projections, market entry, or attained milestones in any part of the world. (2007 and up)

  2. Picture organizational chart (purple, white, widescreen)  |  Organizational structure can make or break a business. Use this template to show how your company is organized. (MS PowerPoint 2013)

  3. Stairs Diagrams for PowerPoint  |  This is a set of three slides showing multi-step progression diagrams. You can easily edit the slides depending on your requirements. (2007 and up)

  4. Timeline 3 Months  | This orange-accented slide depicts a three-month timeline with text placeholders for relevant milestones, goals or achievements. (2007 and up)

  5. Real Estate PowerPoint Template  | Use this template for real estate or home-related content. The template uses graphics in grayscale with red accents.    (2007 and up)

  6. Golden coins presentation  |  What would a business be without profits to keep it running? This template can be used for finance-related presentations. Keep the money coming! (2007 and up)

  1. Timeline PPT Template  |  This template includes three variations of a four-stage timeline using different shapes. Use this to present achievements or targets over time. (2007 and up)

  2. Labyrinth PPT Template  | How you surmount challenges define the likelihood of success. Use this template for presentations related to strategy, challenges, solutions development, and problem-solving. (2007 and up)

  3. Business Time Management PPT Template   |  The gold-toned pocket watch in this template communicates the critical importance of time. Use this for presentations on project management, milestones, or campaign goals.  (2007 and up)

  4. Business contrast presentation (widescreen)   |  This formal template shows a vertical perspective on an office building, with brilliant light blurring the top outlines of the architecture. Use this when presenting plans, strategies, visions, and innovation efforts. (2007 and up)

  5. Keyboard PPT Template  | Persuade your audience to connect with you with just a single click. Use this keyboard-accented template for your  presentations on networking and social media.

Charts & Diagrams

3D bar chart PowerPoint template

This template uses 3D-bars and line graphs to visually represent quantitative data.

  1. Quarterly Trend Bar Chart  |  Need to report your team’s progress visually? This chart shows quarterly trends or metrics which you can use to brag about your achievements. (2007 and up)

  2. Pre-designed 3D Pie Chart  |  Use this orange-hued 3D pie chart to show market share, production components, and other important data to your boss. Let the numbers tell your story. (2007 and up)

  3. Chart PPT Template  |  Hard, solid data rules the day. You can use this template for metrics or finance-related reports. (2007 and up)

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Economy & Finance

money-themed PowerPoint template

Whether to propose a new budget or report your teams financial performance, this template will help you get the numbers right.

  1. Money PPT Template  |  The different currencies depicted in this template are perfect for financial presentations that have a global, international or regional aspect. (2007 and up)

  2. Rising Trend PowerPoint Template  | Nothing bolsters business confidence more than positive growth. This chart-based template uses businessmen icons and a colorful bar graph to show strong growth. (2007 and up)

  3. Investment   |  Make your report on investment returns, milestones or possibilities shine using this visually rich template that features images and charts to persuade your audience. (2007 and up)

  4. Finance Money PPT Template  |  This template is perfect for presentations on banking, investment and finance. The newspaper background provides an additional accent to the shiny coins and communicates the report’s timely nature. (2007 and up)

  5. Financial management investing presentation with video  |  This blue-and-green themed template can be used to launch a video on financial planning. A bar graph, pie chart, line graph and area chart will enrich the profitable message you wish to convey to your audience. (2007 and up)

Science, Technology, Nature & Environment

nature-themed PowerPoint template

Use this nature-themed template when presenting environment-related topics.

  1. Nature presentation, illustrated landscape design (widescreen)  |  You can use this widescreen, nature-inspired template for a variety of purposes. It’s colorful and cartoonish representation of a rolling cropland is perfect for engaging kids or young hires. (PowerPoint 2013)

  2. Butterfly Garden  |  This is a semi-abstract template with nature-inspired accents such as flowers and butterflies. You can use this for just about any type of light presentation. (2007 and up)

  3. Shuttle PPT Template  |  Nothing says science better than the iconic space shuttle. Propel your chances with your professors or the research director using this template as a launchpad (pun intended). (2007 and up)

  4. Science Fair Presentation  | This template uses an elegantly edited photograph of laboratory instruments as background. Use it to showcase your science project or research. (2003 and up)

  5. Business technology circuit board design presentation (widescreen)  |  Communicate your technological vision with style using this widescreen circuit board template. Use it for software, hardware, electronics, and all things digital. (PowerPoint 2013)

Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

coffee-and-notebook PowerPoint template

This stylish template can be used for presentations on entrepreneurship, business management, or professional computing.

  1. Notebook Coffee PPT Template  | A caffeine-inspired design that blends well with presentations on productivity and personal improvement. (2007 and up)

  2. Red Wine PPT Template  |  This wine-themed template has red highlights, crystalline brilliance, and a touch of class. Use it for culinary, dining, or travel presentations. (2007 and up)

  3. Coffee Time PPT Template  |  If you need a stylish presentation template for a lifestyle or dining-related topic, then this one is a great choice. The coffee-themed approach will help keep your audience wide awake and interested. (2007 and up)

  4. Thanksgiving PPT Templates  |  There are so many things to be grateful for, including this free, thanksgiving template. Harvest colors with a hint of autumn make this template a warm and charming platform to get your message across.  (2007 and up)

Sports, Hobbies & Gaming

classical music-themed PowerPoint template

Music, harmony, and art are the core elements of this template.

  1. Music score presentation (treble clef design)  |  If you’re presenting a subject related to creativity, innovation, music, or art, then this violin-themed template is a great launchpad to communicate your ideas. (PowerPoint 2013)

  2. Basketball presentation (widescreen)  |  Get into your game with this ballcourt-inspired template. Aside from sports, you can also use this cool template to communicate the importance of teamplay. (PowerPoint 2013)

  3. Olympics  |  Practice, perseverance and vision set the winner apart from other players. On top of sports-related presentations, this Olympic-themed template can also be used for inspirational talks. (2007 and up)

  4. Golf PPT Template   | This template uses a cool, sharp photograph of golf paraphernalia. Use it for presentations on strategy, winning, and goals. (2007 and up)

  5. Poker PPT Template  |  Feeling lucky? This template shows custom dice for a game of chance. In addition to gaming, the stylish photo aligns well with travel presentations focusing on casino havens like Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco. (2007 and up)

  6. American Football PPT Template  |  Feeling the intense competition? This template features an American football scene where two teams face each other in a fierce rivalry. Perfect for sports presentations, this template can also be used to depict markets. (2007 and up)

Generic (All-Purpose)

cylindrical lanterns in PowerPoint template

This template can be used for formal presentations on a variety of topics.

  1. Lights Decor PPT Template  |  Need a touch of class in your presentations? This elegant, lamp-inspired template will help draw out the brilliance of your ideas. (2007 and up)

  2. Business office city sketch presentation background (widescreen)  |  This elegant template shows a technical sketch of a business district. Perfect for engineering, construction, architecture, and business-related presentations. (PowerPoint 2013)

  3. Colorful Multiple Glowing Lines Powerpoint Presentation  | This template uses brilliant colors to keep your audience’s eyes fixed on your presentation. Use it to articulate any topic. (2007 and up)

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Source: http://www.skilledup.com/articles/best-powerpoint-templates-for-free

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